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Mt Potts Lodge

A working high country station

Mt Potts is situated in the harsh and hauntingly beautiful landscapes of the Southern Alps. The lodge is located close to the rugged Potts Range at the pristine Rangitata River in Canterbury. The station is fully self-sufficient with the energy provided by its own hydroelectric power station.

Take a breath, take refuge, soak in the scenery, and replenish your soul.

Mt Potts lodge is under the new management 

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Journey across the inland roads of the Canterbury plains taking in the vast, flat landscape, rolling hills and river gorges, before arriving at Mt Potts Lodge.

On the journey stop off at Methven, a popular winter resort and gateway to the Mt Hutt ski field, or take a break and admire the natural wonders of Lake Clearwater.

Rangitata Valley

Mt Sunday was made world-famous as the location site of 'Edoras' - the fortress city of the people of Rohan - in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The wild, rocky tussock terrain attracts fans from around the world, but solitude can easily be found. Mt Sunday is located on Mt Potts Station, and is a five-minute drive from the lodge.

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